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Crownline 262 planing issues

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  • Crownline 262 planing issues

    Hey everyone! New to the site got some pics of the boat I can get up ASAP. I own a 2001 262cr with a ,5.7 MAG and a B2 drive. Boats by no means a speed demon but it has some planing issues. The other day we had 7 ppl on board. 4 were females about 150lbs or less so not big. Tabs down, full throttle, wouldn't climb over 3000rpm or 19mph. Went out today w 2 buddies ran 36mph and 5k rpm max.

    I just had some prop work don't from hitting a log and don't think they got it right honestly. My questions are anyone on here running a similar setup or same setup and if so what top speed are you getting. Also is your boat falling a little flat at about 3000rpm and having a hard time getting to plane? Thanks in advance. Also checked fuel pressure and throttle cables both are where they need to be. No compression or ignition issues.
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    from S. Carolina. Sorry, not sure I can offer any help though……………

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      Welcome from Iowa! There will be some folks chiming in on your issue but I will be little help.
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        I find those 150# female (non-boater) guests often bring equal their body weight in extra bags and just in case crap so..... by my math that 350 mag was sweating!

        Tell me asshole - What's your fair share of everything I've worked for??? Please join me in starving and beating the govt back to it's honeymoon physique.

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          My wife, extra 3 lbs of gear, SIL, 50lbs of just shit plus her yappy jaws. Paul is spot on!
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            Hey fellas. Thanks for the replies, I adjusted the trim motor and it help quite a bit seems it wasn't all the way vertical at full down lock. Boat is running much better, it will plane and make speed..... but it still lugs a bit. I also found out the previous owner swapped from a bravo 3 to the bravo 2 that's currently on the boat. I'm guessing the seal was leaking and he didn't want to pay for that job or he whacked something w it and got into a used bravo 2 cheap. I'm have the prop rechecked and re balanced next week to rule that out.

            I'm honestly thinking a bravo 3 lower would help tremendously with the planing issues I'm having.



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                That's a lot of boat for a little engine. It will struggle when you have it loaded down. Sounds like you figured out that the drive trim makes a big difference.

                I would be on the lookout for a B3 lower to put back on it. The B3 gives you much better slow speed control and helps getting out of the hole. Just make sure the ratios are right for the small block.
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                  Yea what I actually had to do was adjust the trim at the motor not the switch. When the switch had the outdrive bottomed out on the gauge, there was actually some room left to trim more. The trim parameters if you will just needed to be re adjusted at the motor itself.

                  Having a big block or twins would no doubt be a better setup but I have seen a couple guys running 262 w a 350 claiming no issues at all. I'm assuming they were also running b3s. Anyone know anyone on the forum with a 262cr? I'll keep you gotta updated. Probably won't be looking into a new lower until winter or next spring.