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    Picked up our brand new 2022 240ss with the 8.2l 380hp Mercruiser this morning at a dealer that is 200 miles from me.

    This boat and trailer is the worst thing I have ever towed. The trailer sway was so bad that I never felt comfortable traveling faster than 55 mph. The entire drive was on a freeway. There was a lot of wind up here in the northwest today, that may be part of it. It’s often quite windy here in Eastern WA and I have plenty of experience towing trailers in the wind. Nothing I’ve towed has had this much sway.

    My tow vehicle is a Yukon XL Denali. It’s rated for 7900 lbs of trailer and I had plenty of power if I needed it. It barely broke a sweat pulling the few hills I encountered. I kinda had a feeling that there wasn’t much tongue weight put on my rig when we hooked up the trailer. The Denalis have auto leveling suspension and I can hear the compressor kick on with even the slightest load. When the trailer was hooked up, the compressor did not activate.

    When I got home, I picked up on the trailer tongue, still connected to the truck and was able to raise the tongue with minimal difficulty.

    it looks like I may be able to move the winch mast on my trailer forward slightly. Maybe 2 to 4 inches. I’m not sure though if this will be enough to increase the tongue weight on my trailer enough to fix the sway.

    Besides loading some gear in the bow of the boat and moving the winch mast forward, any ideas on how to increase the tongue weight on my trailer?
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    Move the boat as far forward as you can. 2-4” may help

    Hard to tell if your trailer is level. If not may need a little more drop in the hitch.

    Store heavy anchor and a deep cycle battery in the bow storage area.

    should be 10-15% of trailer weight. 700-800 lbs of tongue weight for a 5000-6000 lb boat.

    Good luck.
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      Yep I'd move that bow roller as far forward as you can get it, and also raise that adjustable hitch a few inches to put more weight on the back trailer axle. Also some fuel in the boat may help if you were towing it with an empty tank. I think you can get this dialed in and it should tow great...It's a nice trailer. Optimally, that tongue should have around 700lbs on it. If you can't get it sorted, I'd talk to the dealer.


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        The hull should be about even with the bunks for proper support of the hull and balance at the hitch. Don't allow the hull to extend past the bunks. Also, get a hitch (whether drop or raise) that levels the trailer as much as possible. It appears that you have a Heritage trailer which is a very well respected brand of trailer, so I doubt its a design issue with the trailer. I don't see a spare tire up front. Add a side mount or belly mount with a spare to add some weight up front and for emergencies. That is one of the cheap ass moves that pisses me off with dealers and people ordering trailers to save a buck - they don't always order a spare with a welded on carrier.
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          Take a look at this...


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            That is the best visual I have seen to express this condition, excellent.
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