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238 db bow eye to transom distance

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  • 238 db bow eye to transom distance

    Hello. Newbie here. I have purchased a 2001 238 db. The problem is that I need a trailer and the boat is stuck in dry storage for the next two months. I have not been able to find the bow eye to transom distance anywhere online. I emailed Crownline and they responded they did not make the boat and did not have that information. Does anyone here have one of these that they can look at the manual or measure?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Your 238 db is 23ft 8inch boat length......... trailer wench towers have adjustment in 21ft ccr trailer has 1 ft adjustment in both directions to move the wench.

    A boat trailer dealer would put a trailer meant for a 23 ft boat under it and adjust the wench tower for the perfect fit.

    If you are trying to purchase a trailer used a photo of you boat looks like around 24 inch back from front of can use a bubble level and a tape measure to find the exact distance.

    Hope this helps a little