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extended platform for 2006 250CR

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  • extended platform for 2006 250CR

    Anyone had an extended platform made for their 250BR? Don't see my boat listed on and not confident in my skills to make a template. Wondering if anybody had one made and hoping they (or swimplatforms) has the template already.

    Mine has a soft spot just behind the transom door so either need to repair mine or get a new (bigger) one

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    Oops. Just noticed i put BR. supposed to be a 2006 250CR. Just pulled mine off for the winter to re-core it. If had a template for mine I would consider just buying a new one from them but I don't trust myself to make a template.
    Anyone had one made for their 2006ish 250CR?


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      So removed the original swim platform to re-core over winter but decided to contact They don't list one for my boat but said they have a factory replica and sent pics. Looks identical. About $1770 for the platform and about $350 shipping to my zip code.