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  • Retirement

    Well - I requested a retirement date. 1 Feb 2011. Now I'm nervous. Anyway, that will give me 25 years, 6 months, and 6 days in the Air Force. Long enough. So then what? Can't afford to not work. Oh boy...

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    First of all Thank You.

    Greg some how I can not see you in retirement, setting around the house trying to figure out what to do next. You have a year to figure it out, right?

    Best of luck to you and follow those dreams that have not come true yet.
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      Congrats and THANKS brother!

      Still planning on the move to MI?
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        Originally posted by Greg Ruhl View Post
        Well - I requested a retirement date. 1 Feb 2011. Now I'm nervous. Anyway, that will give me 25 years, 6 months, and 6 days in the Air Force. Long enough. So then what? Can't afford to not work. Oh boy...

        From an Army Veteran who was very appreciative of USAF Close Air Support from the turret of his tank---Thanks! Best of luck in this year figiuring out what you'll do next.
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          Schotts Brewery is hiring beer testers in Milwaukee, WI. Lavern and Shirley retired so there was an opening. Go for it man!
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            Dang Greg, I am envious. You can always take some time and go back to school to start something different. Alot of things can change in a year, hopefully for better.
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              Thanks all. All things are good now. Not sure about the move. Really worrying about moving the kiddos in their first year of high school. Cody doesn't care but brenna is a mess about it. We'll see. Another thing to consider is with all these folks leaving because of the HYT changes, there will be many home for sale. Make it a bit harder to sell mine.

              I'd love to go to MI.


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                Brian Bennett said he would be presiding officer to retire me. Retire on my wedding anniversary, by my best friend. I like it.


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                  I'm confused. Based on the wording in your previous thread, it looked like you would get one year of severance pay if you were forced to retire on April 1st.

                  Either way, congrats on the retirement and thanks for your service!

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                    Greg, congrats on your retirement, when I retired from the CG I just took a month off to assimilate to civilian life, alas once military always military. Take time and find the passion of what you truly want to do, you'll have an income anyway.


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                      I'm sure you will fine something to do and with your retirement package it will make things easier. Congrats and thank you
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                        Wow Greg. I am a little envious of you and at the same time, I'm a little nervous about my own retirement. I'm in a little different situation being "mday" in the Military but full time as a Federal Technician. I have 29 years military, and 26 years Fed Tech. I can't start drawing my retirement until age 56 (8 more years) so I will HAVE to work. I havn't been given a specific date, but like the AF, the NG is going through some personnel "changes". I'm sure they will keep me long enough to deploy at least one more time, but I see after that them giving me an "option out". With the current economy, looking for employment in the private sector does not sound promising. I'm sure you will be fine and land on your feet. However, I have too many roots here to pick up and move across the country for a job. All I can say is Congratulations and Good Luck.
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                          Same thing here. Air Guard Technician. Not anywhere close to thinking about leaving yet but there will be life after the military one way or the other.
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                              Hey Greg, that's awesome news! Reaching retirement isn't as easy as some think in today's military! Conrgats and thanks!! I think you should start rebuilding four wheelers. LOL! you love the work.. and there are plenty of folks bashing those things around.. who knows.. maybe you'd be the next "Chip Foose of four wheelers!"
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