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  • Senior project thesis?

    Anybody know any engineering (probably need to be electrical eng) firms who will take me on to complete my senior project sequences I, II, III, (2 credits over three terms) for my BSEET?
    I have 11 years experience in New product development as well as current product engineering from my former employer Daimler Trucks; Western Star Division. There, I designed electrical wiring schematics and harnesses using Pro-E, Mentor Graphics logical cable, and harnesses in Catia V5.

    I am willing to relocate anywhere in the USA as the house is basically gone or will be soon with no job and three kids at home all 5 & under.

    Please e-mail me if you are serious.
    It need not be Class 8 truck industry related. It can be renewable energy as I have some of that focus under my belt in the EET program. Matlab & simulink might be an option.
    The Long Version...:
    Well, as it says on the Team CL forum (I publically announced it there). My employer of 11 years (4 in Canada and 7 in the USA) cleaned out engineering and I was one of the unlucky ones who got laid off in June 2009. Daimler trucks hired some new people at lower intro salaries, a less costly pension plan, and a less encompassing tution reimbursement program around 2007. Then they started cutting people in March 2009. Daimler let me go on the last day of the week I was scheduled for a vacation to be at my wife's baby C section - our third child. "Besides your planned vacation....Today is your last day; clean out your desk. Reason: You are part of the involuntary separation program due to the industry downturn". Daimler Thanks you for your commitment over the last 11 years".
    That's strange? Why is the guy who sat next to me (only one year experienced at Daimler, from vietnam = can barely speak english or write yet still he stays employed?). Both of us were permanent non contract employees.

    A firm that was interested in my resume said my compensation was 20 000 higher than they would pay me in today's economy if I started with them..."You really worked yourself up there in the pay scale..sorry we can't come close to that!").
    I hold an associates degree in EET and that may have done it. Without a minimum BS degree nowadays you are done for unless you are a "contractor" with a 3D design skillset.

    Anyway, with the loss of my employment my senior project at Daimler become ended and OIT was forced to give an incomplete = D. I am studying at OIT to achieve a BS in EET (Electronic engineering Technology) with a minor in mathematics. I have a 3.2 GPA right now.
    Upon completion of summer term I will have satisfied "ALL" of the core requirements for the BSEET and only need to complete a senior project albeit at a different employer.
    I cannot graduate without completion of senior projects. OIT allow senior project to be either a microcontroller project or doable at an employer:
    1. Microcontrollers will not happen as I cannot be in this house anymore - we will lose it shortly.

    We bought our house in 2005 for 318500, put 15000 into new hardi siding and paint and 5000 into landscaping. Countrywide appraised it at 249000 last month. We got a fixed 30 year loan in '05 - not an arm, "leg" or interest only loan. We owe more on the house than it is worth and they said we do not qualify for any home loan modification support without a job = go into short sale = we foreclose.

    2. My advisor at OIT said your other option is to do the Senior project (starting fall term 2009) at a new employer.
    - Senior project will benefit your employer to solve a problem and you will earn completion of your BSEET at the same time.

    If you got a relocation eligible position that would totaly be in your favor.

    So, any ideas guys?
    Here is a link to the CL forum that shows my "enginuity" over the years.

    This shows the guy is a hobbyist maybe, but my philopsophy is - I do all my own work. God gave you a brain, arms & legs - go to work. You do not need to hire somebody every time a task needs work. You do need to work as a team though.
    PS. Boat is paid for since 2004. I sold off my old sports car in 2008 just to keep house payments in check; We put a "recon" ford motor in my explorer (myself) so we have a vehicle to drive in case they take our durango. That is a loss too. The '06 durango we got new for employee discounts costed 27000. Last year new 08 models were selling for 17000 - we still owe over 20K on the '06 durango...

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    Damn Michael, that sucks brother!

    I wish you all the luck in the world. You obviously have the smarts to benefit some company.

    Good luck and welcome to the site!
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      I don't know shit about engineering but I know our company (Jacobs Engineering) always has openings. And they've got intern programs but not sure if that's what you are looking for. Just thought I'd pass along the company info.

      I work for an IT arm of the company so can't really tell you much about the engineering portion.
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        Thanks, Pat.

        Actually,. I was a member of this forum about three years ago under same name. Randy Brooks recommended I join. Not sure what happened but I started full time school in 2007 attending OIT to get my bachelor's degree once I sensed Daimler was separating people via a "voluntary separation program" stage one. The Involuntary separation program stage two 2009... We know that happend there.


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          Thanks, Ryan.

          Glad to see you're on here too!

          I mentioned I started full time at OIT in '07. That is true; Was Fall 2007. I was working 45 hours a week and my course load ever since Fall 2007 has been 18-21 credits per term...


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            Originally posted by Michael Zaiser View Post
            Thanks, Pat.

            Actually, I was a member of this forum about three years ago under same name. Randy Brooks recommended I join............
            My pleasure.....

            I know somewhat how you feel, Although my wife works and makes a good wage, I have been in and out of contracting jobs since I took the company initiated (somewhat) voluntary retirement from HP after 25 years.......

            First time in my like I have not had steady work. I would be OK with that if it paid better........
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              I submitted an application with a cover and my transcripts to Jacobs.
              They are exactly the type of employer I need as it clearly states on their website intern or graduates.

              They have my resume. Now it's upto them to see what they want to do about the job I applied for and I will kep watching to see if anything else comes up. I can see they are top notch as they need Professional Engineers which (either and MBA) or Prof Eng will be the next thing I attach in my career.

              I joined this site again after being gone (while full time student and full time employed there was no time for forum interests) because I heard that CL was about to fold - heard it this week. I think now that time is available - no job, I am on the forum that will stay around. Team CL looks as if "any day now" or maybe "within a few months" and it will be lights out for the team CL site.


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                Did you apply for a specific req id #? If so, you can PM me that info and I'll forward it on to our program manager to see if he can at least circulate your name to the right person. Also, if you want to put my name in as somebody you know at the company it would never hurt.

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