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I got a phone call last night...

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  • I got a phone call last night...

    Yesterday we had Fire training, my new boss on the Wildland Fire team is a former Hotshot and is a physical fitness nut so suffice it to say after training I was taking a nap, ok I was passed out and in full recovery mode LOL.

    My cell phone rings and its my Sgt. and we are good friends, he is all coy and asking me if I am ok and how does it feel to be 45 years old and ready to die by fire or training, just giving me the business on the sly if you know what I mean, and then he asks me if I want to go to the Academy, I tell him of course I do he knows that, he says good because you go in September.

    My Department has decided to do its own Academy, just to hard to find reliable employees that stay, problem is putting on your own Academy is tough and takes time to set up as well as get partners to do it with you so nobody knows when it will happen, could be January maybe not. Its been frustrating for me, almost three years and I have not been able to test for Deputy, My LT. went to bat for me to do things the way I want to do it and got it approved, I will work full time and go to a part time Academy that I pay for, they will provide tuition assistance if I would like, but I prefer to pay for it on my own, I get more out of it that way and if things don't work out at my Department neither is out anything, it is an investment in me and I should pay for it, and the Department will put me on as a Deputy after Graduation, one year from now.

    Wanted to say something since you guys are the second people I have told, even my family doesn't know, yet, and that is why Pat was kind enough to change from my screen name from my full name back to my handle.

    Now the bad part, I am putting the boat in storage, can't afford to put gas in it on my current salary and I just took on a large debt with the Academy, sucks but next year will be better by a long shot, I get a huge raise!
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      Sounds like a great opportunity..........
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        Congrats about the boat, but you are right in the long run it'll more than pay off.....Good luck at the academy
        Is it summer yet?!?
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          Congrats, kick some ass.
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            Way to go Mahoney !!! Or is it Tackelberry
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              Sweet! Congratulations!
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                Way to go. There's no better person to invest in other than yourself.
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                  Mahoney or Tackelberry....I'm not sure...I'm not as big as Tackelberry though, and I am a practical joker so I guess its Mahoney!

                  and I am a little pale compared to Tackelberry too....

                  Soda, I agree, I am always asked why I wouldn't prefer to wait until the Department has its own Academy and then it will be no cost to me at all, first I do not want to wait, Second I get paid very little, last, I am paying to improve myself, the Department has payed to train me to do what the Department needed at the time but this is different to me. I don't understand why so many are willing to wait, it drives me nuts, maybe its a generational thing?
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                    Outstanding!! Congratulations and it sounds like you are a committed fellow and you chose the right path for you.
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                      Is there any gas in the boat now?

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                        Storage fees buy lot of gas😁

                        Congrats on the opportunity. !!

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                          No storage fees fellas I got a friend with a decent pole barn, boat is still shrinkwrapped and winterized, I think I am going to go sit in it for a bit and have it sealed up again just so I get to visit...

                          Yeah it has gas in it but I think I may just drain it....
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                          Wet Lipps II
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                            Congrats! Wish they're were more people like you! It will pay you back sooner than you think.thanks for all you will do for us!
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                              Best of luck and I applaud your decision.

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