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So what do you guys do for a living?

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  • So what do you guys do for a living?

    Just curious as I'm always amazed at the background diversity among groups like this. It's usually pretty cool.

    I work in the Occupational Safety & Health field. Been up here in TN for about 8 years now. Before that, I worked on various construction projects all over the country and one stint in the Caribbean for about a year.

    I enjoy it, most days.........LOL.

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    Geaux Saints!!!!

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    I could have swore we had a thread for this but I can't find it.

    I spent 9 years in the Marine Corps from 1996 - 2005 and that allowed me the opportunity to become a DoD IT contractor.

    Been doing that ever since down here in Sunny, I boat all year long, Tampa, Florida!!
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      25 years Hewlett-Packard engineer, retired

      Currently, engineering project manager at MEI, LLC. We make wafer fab process equipment for the electronics and solar industries.
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        Civil engineer for site development until the economy died. Now I am an assistant plant manager and metrics coordinator (take care of the timecard computer program and employee roster etc.) for a company that contracts to CAT. So, I guess I am a manager for a logistics company.
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          For 35+ years I was Senior Project Manager, Engineering Manager & Chief Engineer in the Material Handling Field; Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems, Conveyors Systems and Distribution Center Design. I retired almost 2 years ago and sit on my butt most of the time now; I miss the "needed" part of business. My current philosophy is "why do today what you can put off untill tomorrow".
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            Sales Mgr. for a Chevrolet dealership in Oregon.Our company includes the following lines.

            All GM products
            Yamaha,KTM,Kawi motorcycles
            Ford-Lincoln Merc.
            And just bought a Nissan store.

            Anyone have any questions regarding those lines and I can try to help.
            Randy Holman,Mill City
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              Retired USAF MSgt - - 25yrs. 6mos. 6days.

              Currently a part time Line Technician at local munincipal airport.

              44 going on 24.


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                I sell ventilation products to commercial & industrial mechanical contractors. Been @ the same place for over 12 years. We need the economy to bounce back soon, so I can get a bigger boat than Kehrer's. We just finished our 8th season in H4T and daddy is itchin'.
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                  21 years in software development, 18+ of those in SQA and the last 15 as Mgr or Dir of SQA teams. Currently Dir of QA for Epsilon Database Marketing. I need to retire...
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                    28 years as a Food origin engineer, or you could say just a red neck farmer from southern Illinois.


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                      I'm currently an engineering project manager, which is a fancy way of saying I do a little bit of everything. The company I work for has two main product lines, single point watering systems, and a marine line. Single point watering (SPW) means we make a fill valve or flooded lead acid battery cells. Instead of topping each 2 volt cell, all the valves are plumbed together and you water the whole battery from a single fill point. We make these systems for hi-los, golf carts, RV's, etc. Marine side is mainly livewell plumbing and control. Check out the website, Prior to this, I worked in automotive for 10 years as a manufacturing engineer, doing assembly and machining.

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                        Retired Regional Manager from a national building products company....been retired now 22 years and living here in heaven, Central Ar - 17 miles from Lake Ouachita with wife of 50+ years.....enjoying ourselves!!!


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                          I boat 7 months a year, and read Ryan N's posts about why many of us dont boat the other 5 months of the year! Lmao!
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                            I'm an Underachiever!
                            1999 202BR LPX version 350 Mag.

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                              20 yrs at company that mfg's custom electric heating elements, sensors, controls and turnkey thermal systems for almost every imaginable industry and sector.
                              Manage the Manufacturing Engineering, Tool and Die and sheet metal production departments. Business is good, yes we are hiring and send your resume.
                              Tell me asshole - What's your fair share of everything I've worked for??? Please join me in starving and beating the govt back to it's honeymoon physique.

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