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Which battery is which?

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  • Which battery is which?

    I'm looking at my new to me 250 cr and I cant quite understand which batteries are start which are house.
    The two on starboard far aft

    Or the ones on the port side against mid cabin wall.


    And since the bat selector says only 1 or 2 or both and I don't have schematics it's also unclear which bat set is 1 and which is 2?

    can anyone comment how this is to be understood in US? 😃

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    I only have one set of batteries on my '06 250CR, US version. They are at the aft SB corner like your 1st pic. For my boat, those are battery 1 and battery 2. My battery selector switch allows none, either, or both to be connected to the boat DC system. I have an automatic fire suppression system mounted where your second set of batteries are mounted.


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      If I had to guess, it looks the starboard side are starting batteries and port side are house. Trace the positive wires back to the battery switch if you can and you should be able to tell which of the two starboard side batteries are No. 1 or No. 2. Also the port side batteries appear to be wired together in parallel to make one "bigger" battery and a battery switch would not be able to switch to one or the other.
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