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275SS open ocean hull performance

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    Originally posted by lextoy View Post
    Thx all for the comparisons, and the welcome!! I'm going to see a few boats this weekend, chap crown Monterey and searay, I agree on a larger hull being the best antidote for larger seas, but I still like to slice thru the tidal creeks to take shortcuts from the dock to the intercoastal etc, so I'm trying to find the sweet spot between runabout and cruiser. Lol Have to decide arch or no arch, and how important engine displacement is... Before I sea trial. Nobody has any boats in the water right now... Will keep you all posted!
    Well the thing about engine displacement is…. If you think you have enough, you’re wrong. You can’t have a large enough motor. LOL
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      Yes I'm leaning towards the 430hp Merc due to the 8.2
      Surprisingly, many of these 27 28 29 footers are still coming with 300hp or 350hp. That are 6.2
      I can't see how that is enough for this much weight. I won't be able to test run at this time of year, until I decide which boat and settle on a price. So I'm hoping the few that have the 8.2 are clean enough... That will make the decision easier👍 wish they weren't all CATS though. Seems like just another place for problems. Expensive problems. Lol


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        Interesting topic/thread. Good info. Welcome!