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2005 316LS question

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  • 2005 316LS question

    Hey all, haven't posted in a long time but find myself looking at a 2005 316LS and had a couple questions: It appears that the 316LS was only made for one year (2005), but in 2006 they offered a 320LS. Is that the same boat, just different model numbering? There is very little info on the 316LS. Are there any inherent design flaws or problems to be aware of? This particular boat looks to be in very good shape but still researching it. Also interested in feedback as to this boat's ability offshore in big chop/heavier seas.


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    I’m pretty sure it is, but I imagine someone will be along soon to confirm. Just like they switched the 216 to the 220 I believe.
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      Hello ...

      In comparing the spec sheet for each model (2005 LS vs 2006 LS) all dimensions are equal. The power plants are the same with equivalent horsepower.

      The only difference(s) is the 2005 316 LS came with a 150 gallon fuel tank while the 2006 320 LS had a 139 gallon tank, a reduction in capacity of 11 gallons for the newer model. This would, I assume, be the difference in dry weight of 7 pounds.

      I saw no mention of design flaws. Good luck.
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        Thank you!