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Suggestions or help with a window replacement

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  • Suggestions or help with a window replacement

    My starboard wing window and window frame were damaged when Georgia Power dumped a massive amount of water into our lake ramming my boat into the ceiling of my boat house. I am really struggling to find a replacement and I would appreciate any suggestions or help. The boat is a 2004 Crownline 18' Bow Rider with hull ID JTC57569I405. I went to the Crownline website and they do provide a reference document ( But unfortunately there are no years on the document. My guess is the right part number is 775004002209. But that is just a guess. I contacted Taylor Made who says they can supply that part number for $700. I am actually willing to spend that much if I know the part is the right one. But I really have no way of knowing for certain that is the right part number.

    My questions are:
    1. Does anyone know how I can figure out the correct part number that I need? Taylor Made puts labels under the rubber rub rails on the window but they are too faded to read.
    2. Does anyone have a suggestion on where I might buy one used. I have checked eBay and searched for any type of salvage business but I am coming up empty.
    I would appreciate any suggestions anyone may have.


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    Hi Steve,

    If your hull number is truly JTC575691405, then your boat is a 2005 and not a 2004. Either way, I would look at Great Lakes Skipper. Maybe give them a call. The number is 262-217-5215. Sometimes they get parts and have no ability to tell what boat it fits other than pictorial analysis.


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      Not sure if you took care of your window replacement yet?

      I had a similar situation happen to my Crownline in 2019 😫

      Through Taylor Made the replacement glass was like $800-$900. I think the top frame rail was another $165.

      I ended up working with a local glass shop for a piece of tempered custom cut marine/automotive glass. I had to provide a cardboard template of the exact shape I needed. Took about a week and a half to get the glass. I think it ended up costing me $80 for the glass.

      It was a little stressful installing the new glass. Difficult to get it centered in the frame because the gaskets hold the glass really tight once the glass and gasket were in the frame. Had to re-position it a couple times until I had it centered perfectly in the frame.

      Ran it all 2020 season. No problems! Looks like the factory windows.