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Bravo 3 Dual Prop setup

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  • Bravo 3 Dual Prop setup

    Hi Guys,

    hopefully i will be joining the Crownline crew this coming summer, we are about to buy our first boat, a 2012 245 ss, it has the dual prop bravo 3, i have been searching for a bit in the mean time,

    the lake we plan to put it in, is a bit known to have shallows, and crap in it, and was told to look into changing the stainless props, to Aluminium, so if i hit anything it would break the prop rather than the foot. but so far i have had no luck with finding anything,

    anyone else do the same search? sadly the only thing the local marine shop told me was to get a great GPS. which i will do, but im sure i am not the only one looking for this,

    that being said i am also sure there are a ton of Bravo 3 setups on that lake, and a ton of HUGE boats as well.

    any thoughts?

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    Also, any reason not to buy this boat? it is really clean, has low hours and stored in a garage. it is set to be inspected this coming Tuesday, before we buy it.


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      I don't know that I've ever seen an aluminum prop for the B3. Stainless is more resilient to dings than aluminum.

      If hitting stuff in shallow water is a concern, I wouldn't be using something as nice as a Crownline. It sounds like you're on a big enough lake, just stay out of areas you don't know or keep speed to a minimum.
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        Aluminum also flexes and is not as efficient with power.
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          Interesting that it already has aluminum props on it. You might ask about why the owner switched. Be sure and check for vibrations during trial as well as smooth turning and proper trim function.
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            Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated,

            it already has the stainless props, it was just a recommendation from the single prop guys i know on that lake, i plan on avoiding all sketchy areas and getting a slightly better GPS, currently it has a Dragonfly 5 on it,.