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2005 250CR might be for sale

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  • 2005 250CR might be for sale

    So oddly we have 3 boats at our marina that are identical other than ours has black canvas. One of the owners told me today they are looking at smaller boats. I didn't ask a price or anything but the boat is very clean and he just got new canvas. He also has a 'Crownline' trailer. I think he bought the boat new or only 1 year old. He takes very good care of it. It's near Pittsburgh. It is white/tan just like ours. I know he has AC. He has a 350 FI.
    If anyone is interested let me know and I will ask about it.

    Here is a pic of ours to get an idea.

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    Still for sale?


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      Not sure if it was ever officially for sale but just that he had mentioned it. We are out for the winter now and won't see him again until spring but will probably see it on FB if he decides to sell it. If he does I will let you know


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        Was sitting on the guys boat Monday and he mentioned again that they are considering a newer boat but haven't decided. He did mention that everything he has seen hasn't been as clean as theirs. I do know he just got all new canvas and he has it buffed and waxed twice a year and stores it in an underground climate controlled mine (same place we store ours). But they still haven't decided yet whether to sell