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    I’m looking at a new 225SS. I’m interested in hearing from anyone who has a 225SS powered with the standard 4.5l 250hp Mercruiser with a Bravo III. I’m a little worried that the boat may be underpowered with the the standard engine. Most of the time I boat with my wife and teenage son. They both waterski and my son also wakeboards. My son sometimes brings several of his friends with us. I’m thinking maybe the 215SS may be a better option as it is lighter but has the same horsepower. The jump in engines for a new 225SS is more than I’m willing to pay. Thanks for any input.

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    Go find a year or 2 old boat with a bb and you will be much happier. That engine no way in that boat . That's just me.
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      from S. Carolina. I also agree, a 350 Mag (minimum) or bigger is the only way to go...……...
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        I had a 2007 240EX with the 5.0 260hp engine. It was "fine" most of the time (with Smart Tabs to get on plane better) but would bog down a bit tubing with a large crew on board. Of course, that was an older engine so may not be perfectly comparable. There are pretty much 2 things you want to make sure you get right as they are hard to impossible to change and that is power and length. I would suggest to 80/20 rule. If 80% of the time it is just the three of you, you will probably be okay with the 250hp. If 80% of the time it will be 5 or more with watersports, you probably would want the bigger power.

        I am not sure where you are located, but I just traded in my 2017 E4 with the 350hp 6.2l. Boat has about 70 hours on it and is very, very clean. Its in northern MA. They gave me low 60's for the trade with a trailer, so that may be in the same ballpark as the new 225 (depending on how you option out the 225). I would be happy to put you in touch with them if that would interest you.
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          I agree with Chad’s recommendation of buying a year or two old. Crownlines are heavy boats and the extra power is nice.
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            My 2¢, there are so many gently enjoyed boats available with BB's. Chad's recommendation is the way to go. In the future, having too much HP is a lot better than not enough HP. The premium on a used BB is so much less than new.
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              I don’t think you will find anyone who thinks a smaller engine (or a smaller boat for the most part) is a good idea.

              as suggested, look for something gently used or increase your budget. You won’t regret having a bigger engine. You will regret not having enough engine
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                Just wait until those teenage boys start bringing teenage girls. You need a bigger boat and more HP. Tower??
                I would look at a good used 225 with a big block. Or a wakeboard boat.
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