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2005 220ex table layout?

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  • 2005 220ex table layout?

    We are looking at buying a 2005 220ex from a broker. The boat is absolutely flawless. However, the snap-in carpet has the manufactured cut-out holes for the table (front and back), but there are no table mounting holes underneath? Has anyone hear of or seen this before? Were table mounts even an option on the 2005 220ex?

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    Don't know on the 220 ex but we had a 2008 252 EX. The carpets had the holes.. On the deck, there was a black plastic cap which covered the floor hole. The stainless steel tube would go into that hole and then to bottom of the table.
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      Just drill 2 big holes till you hit water 💦😂😂
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        Thanks for al the great info so far but i dont think I'll be drilling holes in the deck till I hit water... I know how to install the table base plates on the deck but I have never seen a 220ex without these already installed - just wondering if not having this was an option on the 2005 220ex?


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          I have a 2006 220EX and it was standard equipment at that time. Interesting?


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            My 240EX had it. You never know, the original owner may have spec’ed the boat without it for some reason.
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