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Finally made it out today

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  • Finally made it out today

    Went in Memorial Day and had some heavy rain right after that. Fast currents and debris everywhere. Everyone stayed tied to the docks so far until today. Had some heavy winds but other than that it was a good day. Cruised for about an hour today and all was well.

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    Its always good to get on the water...…….

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      So had fuel issues when I first put the boat in. Took it back home and siphoned 20 gallons of fuel out. About 15 gallons was bad fuel. Took the boat out twice after that and it ran fine both times. Went back out today and had to be towed back in.
      Went out today and putsied out of the no wake zone about 100 yards to the Ohio river then got up on plane. Ran about 1/2 mile up river on plane then came back down river about 1 mile then turned around and went to our anchor spot. When I backed off the throttle it stalled and wouldn't start. Dropped the anchor and pulled the fuel separator and dumped it in a container and it was about 50% bad fuel (separated). Had a new separator in the cabinet so put it on. After a couple hours on the hook we started it up and had to keep the RPM up for a few minutes to clear the bad fuel from the carb. After that I dropped it to idle and it sat there fine for about 5 minutes. Took off and got up on plane and all was good. Got the to entrance of our river and backed it down to about 1000 RPM's and it died again. Made it over to an old dock and tied up there and pulled the new separator and dumped it in a container. Fuel looked good. Put it back on and started it. It wouldn't start unless I pumped the throttle and would only run over about 2000 RPM. Anything under that and it stalled. We were only 50 yards from our slip so a dock neighbor came and towed us in.

      So remember my boat is a 2006 Crownline but it has a 5.7 Merc 2 bbl with TKS. It has an electric fuel pump and you don't have to pump it before turning the key. It is NOT fuel injected

      Any ideas? My first thought is more bad fuel but when I pulled that new separator after about 1/2 mile that fuel looked good. My thoughts are to siphon the remaining 45-50 gallons and put it in a 55 gallon drum for now then fill it with new fresh fuel and a new separator. If it still does it then I have 50 gallons of fuel to use as needed and look for a different issue?


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        The Carburetor has another Fuel Filter Item #9 on the attachment that mounts directly to the Carburetor's fuel inlet that might be adding to your issue. I cleaned some of these filters that not only catches debris, but also calcifies the screen if water stays in contact as it evaporates. Good luck.


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          I had that filter out when I was having issues before. But it runs fine at higher RPM so don't think that is the issue? Under about 2000 RPM is where I have trouble.

          Wondering if maybe I have some dirt or something in the idle circuit? Around 2000 RPM is probably about where it transitions off idle and into the primaries?


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            Found my fuel cap was supposed to have an o-ring but it was missing. Ordered a few of them and got them today. Put one on today so hopefully no more water in the fuel tank. Been siphoning fuel out and down to about 17 gallons. All fuel I pulled looked good but just want to be sure so I'll pull it all and start with fresh fuel.