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auto trim tabs vs hydrofoil

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  • auto trim tabs vs hydrofoil

    I am looking to improve the time to plane on my 24' 240 ex, with Volvo 5.0GXi-E. Can I install auto tabs and not hydrolic or electric? Would a hydrofoil work? Need some guidance, please.

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    Lot of people on here have used the spring flappy things with success.
    Type "smart tabs" up in the search box on this forum. 15 pages of threads worth of discussions will pop up.
    I'd avoid the fins on the cav plate.
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      A different prop may also improve time to plane. What do you have now?
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        x2 on Smart Tabs.


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          When I had my 240EX with the Mercury 5.0 (240hp), I had great success with the SmartTabs.
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            I would avoid the hydrofoil. It supposedly puts additional stress on where the drive mounts to the stern as well as stress on the rams when you adjust the drive angle. A boat that size would benefit from the SmartTabs more than using a hydrofoil.
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