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  • Dual Battery?

    I'm getting ready to add a dual battery setup to my 2004 Crownie 202 BR. The electrical side I"m ok with. My start battery is going on #1, and the other on #2 on a Perko switch. The second battery will be used for the stereo, amp, speakers. My question is after searching all the posts about it, i couldn't find any info on how people were installing the battery itself. Were they just leaving it sit? Were they strapping it to the other battery? Or were they adding another tray for it to sit in? I have a new tray to put in, but I have carpet back there that is glued directly to the fiberglass. Should I cut the carpet? Or drill down through it into the fiberglass? I want to counter sink the holes in the fiberglass so i can put sealant in them and have a good seal so, if water would get there it's not going to go down through the fiberglass. Also how deep do I drill? Thanks!!!

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    I put in a seperate tray with a strap, used stainless 1" screws for the tray. Never hurts to use RTV anytime you screw into the floor.
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      Use a tray and strap, no need to cut the carpet but it could wrap up on the screws. SS screws as noted. I'm guessing the OEM screws are not sealed. Would not hurt to seal them both.

      BTW welcome to the HQ from Oregon .....
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        Welcome! I have almost identical boat but 2003. I also added a Perko switch & 2nd battery. I did it as previous members have posted (tray, clamp(strap), stainless steel hardware and sealant).
        I wired mine in parallel, each one as an identical full functioning unit. Sounds like your wiring is different from how I did mine. I assume that either of your batteries can start the boat and can be charged while underway but only one is connected to the radio?
        I float charge both of mine separately while in the garage and on many trips I switch back and forth to make sure each is always charged & I never set the switch to both.

        I’m always up to learn something new... so my question to all: What is your logic on the wiring (there is a proper way but I guess there are slight variations) as well as the use/charging of the second battery? Advantages/disadvantages?

        I was on someone’s boat recently that always keeps his Perko switch set to both

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          Ok!!!!! Thanks for the info everyone!!! I'm basically gonna take my positive thats running to the starter, and move it to the Perko switch #1 position. My amp will be on the second battery, on position 2 on the switch. The third post on the switch will go to the starter. so when i turn to acc, on the ignition switch (for when we are beached and listening to the stereo) i'll switch to battery 2, so its only pulling "juice" from that battery. To me its about being simple, and easy. Then when I leave the beach, I'll start on both so they both get charged back up. I'm not sure how the computer would like starting on position 1, then switching to both (while the motor is running) to head back to the ramp. Fuel injected motors are so grumpy about voltage.


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            I agree with everyone. But make sure you dril far enough through so the person on the outside of the boat can get a nut on the stainless steel bolts. You probably only need 4. Also maybe use 5200 sealer so it doesn't leak.
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              To make life a little simpler, I installed a Blue Sea "Add-A-Battery" system when I installed a second battery. The system incorporates an ACR to monitor the health of the 2 batteries. Just turn the battery switch to "ON" and have a great day on the water. At the end of the day, turn the battery switch to "OFF" both batteries are fully charged and you didn't have to do anything accept have fun. I added a few extra features. I designated one battery as House and the other battery as Engine, split the circuits appropriately. I added a DPDT Switch into the Voltmeter Circuit so I can monitor both batteries on the one gauge, added an LED light to the helm to monitor the ACR when it's working.
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                Adding a 2nd battery, I would highly suggest an ACR as Michael mentioned. Skip the mental gymnastics of remembering which one is on, off, what state of charge etc, etc.
                Do some google-fooing on the subject and start with the Blue Sea site.
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