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Is there a master valve for the freshwater system ?

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  • Is there a master valve for the freshwater system ?

    I have a 2003 262CR and have never figured out the freshwater system. I've used the City Water hookup with a water hose, supposed to bypass the freshwater pump and simply come through the sinks. Nothing. I'm baffled. Is there a master valve somewhere for the freshwater system ? Crownline's manual sucks. Any help is appreciated.

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    It should work as you describe. There is no manual valve to turn. There is a pressure regulator built into the hose inlet, and there should be a check valve as it connects to the boats' water system. If the check valve got installed "upstream" of the water pump, then the pump will need to run in order to deliver the water. But it shouldn't be like that. I honestly don't have a ton of experience as we use in/out service now and don't typically dock overnight. But back when I was single and used to live on my boat (LONG time ago), I remember that the water pump was not needed once I hooked up the hose from the dock. I will try to look closer at my system this weekend and see if I can figure out how it's put together (2006). Should be similar.