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    In a previous post I mentioned the engine hatch actuator is very noisy but still working. I removed the engine hatch actuator to see if I could rebuild it. The motor has a bad bearing. Other than a bad bearing, seems okay (but crusty). I have not been very successful with Acculift. I can get a reply from them but then the emails stop. I've called multiple times but I've only ever reached a human once. Has anyone replaced their actuator on the engine hatch with a different brand? Is it difficult?

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    Update - I was able to talk to AccuLift after many email. Seem like very nice folks, but also busy. Anyway, they were able to sell me a new motor rather than needing to replace the entire lift actuator. That will save me two hundred dollars. If your AccuLift actuator is sounding bad, investigate the motor bearings. You may just need to replace the motor.


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      In some cases, you can take an electric motor to a rebuild shop and they can replace the bearings. Theses a place near me that does that for many types of electric motors.
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