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    If the cable to the transducer has been cut and reconnected with a crimp on connector the unit will not read correctly. I have a hummingbird 1998 model and it is no longer made and the cable/transducer can't be replaced. For me it is a whole new unit. Mine is glued in hull unit. I am on a deep lake it is not as needed as other lakes and rivers.
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      Originally posted by Adfrasher View Post
      I might inquire a shop doing it.. I’m handy, but messing with something that can potentially sink my boat, might leave it to the pros as long as the price isn’t too steep.. appreciate the replies!
      The epoxy I mentioned in my post is how it is mounted inside the hull. Yea....I would never try to pull out and replace a thru-hull transducer. There really isn't any need to. Just pull wires off the old transducer and hook them onto the new one sitting right next to it inside the hull that was mounted with the epoxy.

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        When installing a Hull Mounted Transducer, it must be solid to the water, no air pockets or air bubbles. Use slow cure epoxy find a spot near the old unit shmear the epoxy, place the new unit in the middle of the shmear and put a weight on the new unit till the epoxy is cured. Be careful with the cable attached to the new Transducer.
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          Had a hull mounted transducer installed when I got my current Chap. First try must have has some air pockets and it just wouldn’t read. Second try was a success.
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