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  • Originally posted by ~Joey~ View Post

    How do you typically do your brisket? I have one in the freezer but never smoked one before.
    I use a Kosher salt, butcher pepper & granulated garlic rub at a 1-1-1 ratio. Trimming the fat off the brisket is pretty essential before applying rub, though. Check youtube for videos on that. Once trimmed and rubbed, I like to let it set in the fridge overnight. Set your smoker at 250 and once it is heated put the brisket on. I suggest using a probe thermometer. The brisket will take several hours to heat up to 165 +/- at which point you will hit the "stall" where it wont increase in temp for a while. At this point I wrap the brisket in a double layer of either foil or pink butcher paper. I usually end up using foil because I have it and I can add a cup or two of apple juice into it when I wrap. Put the brisket back on and bring it up so that you get an internal temp of 204. Probably a total of 10-12 hours total cooking time depending on the size. Pull the brisket and place it (still wrapped) in a cooler for an hour or two. Slice against the grain and enjoy. Be careful to note that the direction of the grain changes from the flat to the point. Save the juice that comes out of the foil. There are many ways and I am sure that you will hear others but this is what I do and it turns out tender and delicious.
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    • Thanks. Sounds very similar to how I smoke a Boston Butt. Appreciate it.
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