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Wet sanding & Waxing

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  • Wet sanding & Waxing

    Removing the registration stickers and the name of the boat this year. What grit sand paper do you recommend ? Also what chemical do recommend for polishing and waxing?

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    My preference is to use the most gentle abrasive you can get away with. This will save effort later.

    Depending on the age of the boat/stickers you might be able to use a buffer and a gentle rubbing compound. Gel coat is a bit more forgiving than auto base/clear coats.

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      Use a 3M Stripe Off wheel (or equivalent, my local paint shop carries another brand) to get the numbers off if they give you trouble. It's also good on adhesive.

      Then polish like normal. If you wet sand it, I'd wager you're setting yourself up to wet sand the entire hull. The gel coat under the lettering should be in better shape than the surrounding gel coat.


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        I got this one off Amazon and it worked great.
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