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  • paint sealant

    there are all kinds of opinions on what is the best wax to use but was wondering is using a paint sealant would hurt the gel-coat. Love the way Klasse paint sealant works on cars and was wondering if it would work on the boat.

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    I'd be very careful. Fiberglass breathes where steel does not. That is why they say do not use car wax on fiberglass boats. Seems if you sealed the paint you are sealing the fiberglass.
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      Wait it breathes?
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        I use a paint sealant on all the vehicles, (boats, boat trailers, travel trailers, ATV's, cars, etc.). It has worked wonders. The dealers agrees they are all in better condition than when they were new.

        I have never had an issue with the sealant. I actually leave it on all winter long when the vehicles, boats, trailers are in storage. Wipes right off in the spring.
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